What kind, how many and how long do the batteries last?

All of our active headsets run on 9 volt battery. The lasting hour of the battery depends on the quality and capacity of the battery itself. And on the other hand, it also depends on how noisy of the working environment it is in. We are now searching for a proper lithium-ion battery for volume and weight fit as well as more safety, and it will be pushed into the market in the near future.

What happens if my batteries run out in flight?

The red light on battery voltage indicator would be flashing one hour before running out of power. If you change batteries on time, it would not be any problem for using. Of course it is no problem to change batteries at any time during flight. But in case you do not have any power at all during flying, the headset could continue to perform as a passive noise reduction headset. It can be frustrating to lose your active performance while flying.

How does the ANR work?

Our ANR microphone is located inside the earcup, they can sense noise frequency and amplitude a positive sound wave at the same time. The Active Noise electronic circuit processes those waves and relays them to the speaker driver. That speaker adds a signal with the initial noise in the surroundings by the microphone. Those two signals sum to little extent so that they would cancel each other out.

Do all ANR headsets work the same?

Generally speaking, all of them utilize the same acoustic theory to cancel the noise in working surroundings. In reality, different producers process their own special technology of noise reduction. Manufacturers are characterized by technical specifications of making a variety of innovation or unique design in dome, position of ANR mic, electronic circuit complexity, ear seal size and shape; also they are different in materials used. There are many difficulties in keeping the stability, without which the feed base would occur frequently.

With the ANR on can I still hear my engine?

Of course you can. The noise canceled by the ANR circuit is low frequency propeller, exhaust, wind or other noise that exist at about the cockpit noise spectrum. The spectrum of engine sound is higher than the spectrum, and by canceling those noise, you will more likely hear the engine better.

Where and how can I purchase your aviation headsets?

We only sell headsets to the franchisers or agents, rather than directly to the end user or customer. As a result, if you are the end user of us, please contact with our franchisers.

How is noise reduction achieved in an aviation headset?

It can be achieved by both passive and active noise reduction technology. Headsets, which use passive noise reduction technology, are designed to obstruct the sound wave of cockpit noise getting into ears. Protection comes from thick ear pads made of special materials that create a seal around the ear and can provide up to 25 dB of noise reduction.

Active noise reduction provides an additional layer for mitigate incoming noise by creating opposite wave. Furthermore, our noise attenuation facilities are based on simulation electro-circuit technique, through which a more veracious sound would be generated.

Are heavier headsets less comfortable than lightweight headsets?

Some people do not like to choose traditional headsets because they are concerned about the weight. In fact, the more padding and surface area a headset has, the more comfortable it would be. Ear pads with high quality are always thicker and usually separate clamping pressure better because of their wider surface area.

What is the key factor in comfortable headsets?

Adjustability is thought as the key factor in a comfortable headset. The clamping force of the headset can become uncomfortable and create hot spots. As a result, for a comfortable wearing feeling, it is essential that the releasing tension control technology is used in a headset.

Do you sell refurbished headsets?

No, we do not sell used or refurbished products at all. Only new products could be distributed to the market in order to ensure the highest quality performance of our products.

How can I get my headset repaired if it is under warranty?

A note and a form of customers information are enclosed with every headset we sell, you can register yourself by filling up the form and returning it to us. Once the problem occurres, you just make a call or send an email to notify us. If you need to send the products back to us, we recommend that you ship via TNT, UPS or any other carriers that can provide you with a shipment reference number. This is to eliminate the possibility of  product losing during transportation. Products to be serviced and re-certified must be sent postage or freight prepaid to our address:

  • 9# GaoPu Middle Road, Xinglin, Jimei District,
  • Xiamen, Fujian Province, P.R. China
  • 361022