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The Active Noise Reduction AN-1000C ANR Headset is a headset that can isolate, offset and cancel noise. In comparison with passive headsets, it can, under noisy circumstances, provide a quieter and more comfortable sensation, by reducing background noise. Therefore, make it possible to improve the audio quality and articulation, resulting in a higher operation safety factor. The noise cancelling circuitry reduces outside noise considerably more than a standard headset, making it more comfortable for the pilot in the aircraft.


The noise reduction or attenuation characteristics of communication headsets must be measured according to an accepted standard procedure if the characteristics of different headset are to be compared in a meaningful way. The Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is provided in accordance with U.S. EPA Regulation 40 CFR Part 211.Subpart B. The Range of Noise Reduction Rating for Existing Hearing Protectors is approximately 0 to 30. (Higher Numbers Denote Greater Effectiveness)

Frequency [Hz]   125   250   500   1000  2000  3000  4000  6000  8000

Attenuation [dB]  14.3  21.5   27.1   31.8   36    39.5   41.3  39.7   37.0

Standard Deviation 3.3  2.4    1.5    1.6    1.3    2.1    2.1   2.0     1.3


Noise Reduction RatingsNRR24dB


Type: Dynamic F30

Frequency Response:  50 Hz to 20 kHz

Sensitivity: 95±5 dB SPL

(1 kHz, 1 mW input per earcup side)

full volume on ear simulator

Active Noise Attenuation:

Dynamic 42 ohms:   

Rate Input:  30mW   Max. Input:  100mW

Speech Sound:  

Dynamic 300 ohms:

Rate Input:  30mW   Max. Input:  100mW

Microphone and Amplifier:

Element Type:  Noise-canceling electret

Frequency Response:  100Hz to 5 kHz

Operating Voltage (supplied by aircraft):  8-32 Volts DC

Matching Impedance:  150-1000 ohms

Sensitivity: -33±4 dB (Ref: 0dB SPL=20.0uPa at 1 kHz with 10 Vdc 150 ohms AC load)


Temperature:  Operating: - 20 to 70°C

Cordage: Straight cord from headset to molded plug, 150CM

Intercom Connections:

Earphone Plug    PJ-055   (.25” 6.3F phone plug)

Microphone Plug  PJ-068   (.206” 5.2F phone plug)

Weights:  650g

Noise Reduction Specifications:

Attenuation Frequency Band ….…….20Hz~20 KHz

Main Attenuation Frequency Band ….20Hz~600Hz

Attenuation Capability…….… ……..18~21dB

Power Consumption …….  ………...30 mW

Headset size range Height: 10 to 14 cm

Color: Green        Boom: Flexible Boom





1. The battery module requires two AA battery. The power of AN-1000AC comes from AA battery, not aircraft power.

2. Figure 1: There are on/off switch, Led light and mp3 input on the top of battery box.

A. When the switch is on (I), the Led will be on and the ANR function starts working.
When the switch is off (o), the power for the battery box is shut off and the ANR function stops working.

B. The Led is green when the power is on and the batteries are fully charged. The led turns red when the batteries are low.

3. S/M switch: There is an s/m switch inside the battery box, see figure 2. When the switch is on "M", the output of earphone plug is mono and when the switch is on "S", the output is stereo.

4Battery changing: move the clip to the left or right;press the opener and push it out; put the batteries in according to the "+""-" signs inside; put the opener on and push it back. See figure 3.