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Technology Strength


The headsets of ours are designed and produced strictly based on the FAA standard and requirement. The maximum noise level in working environment measured by sound level meter is 128dBA under normal air press.

Flexible Boom

The flexible boom of NicePower is made from handpicked materials and designed with utmost care to be able to stay at any position you want. We solve the problem of boom rebounding. With nice clicking sound, it can be moved axially for 270 degree and stopped exactly the point you need.


In order to enhance the intension and hardness of the stirrup, we take the stud welding technology. With our new intelligent capacitor stored energy welding machine, the strength of the stirrup is better than without the welding. The weld surface is strong so that the stirrup would be never fracture at the point of rivet.


We used to assemble ear seals and push the ear cups together by using the supersonic shock wave. Now, with the assistance of the super glutinosity glue, the ear seals can be better locked in ear cups.

Speed Drop

With the NRR of 24dB, NicePower headsets also have the ability to conquer the feed base generated by speed drop of aircraft from 3000 meters to 600 meters. It is to secure the physiological auditory system of pilots.

Stainless Steel

To enhance the durance of our products, all the steel we apply to our headsets is stainless steel.

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